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No more free tuition, grace period, or mandatory fees under new OSAP changes
No more free tuition, grace period, or mandatory fees under new OSAP changes


Falcons basketball teams start winter term off strong
The Falcon basketball teams have started the winter semester off strongly. Read more

Fanshawe women's curling team earns their rings
The Fanshawe women's curling team was recently awarded their 2018 Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) National Championship rings. Read more

The 2019 MINI Clubman All4
I initially wasn't a fan of the second-generation Clubman. But, something different happened this time around - read on to find out. Read more

How to optimize your LinkedIn
Your headline is one of the first things that employers see on your LinkedIn. If you do not create your own headline, LinkedIn will just use your current job title as a headline. Read more

5 tips for writing your resume and cover letter
The resume and cover letter is any potential employer's first impression of you. Here are some tips to help you improve your application and get you one step closer to landing that interview. Read more

GRIS, a breathtaking world of watercolour mastery
GRIS a small indie game by Spanish game company, Nomada Studio, and published by Devolver Digital for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Read more

Female fitness YouTubers you should be watching
Losing weight and getting in shape is a tough journey and may make you feel like you're the only one out there. Read more

Creating your own job: the life of an entrepreneur
Recent years have seen major growth in the number of young people opting to start a business and create their own job, rather than search for employment under someone else. Read more

How to apply for work study, the benefits of working for Fanshawe
The Fanshawe Financial Aid Office offers a couple of bursaries that students can apply too within each semester. Work study is one of those many bursaries for those in financial need. Read more

Tips to keep fitness motivated this winter
It's no question that staying indoors during a cold and snowy evening is more enticing than a walk in a park, or even finding the strength to scrape the ice off your windshield to go see friends. Read more

What to eliminate in a daily diet
Weight creeps up on people in the colder months of the year because of the lack of exercise and binge eating during holiday seasons. Read more

Three reasons difficult things are good for your health and well-being
Working out might be intimidating at first, but pushing yourself to try something new can really make a positive impact for yourself and those around you. cá cược bóng đá hợp pháp Read more

The debate about women's-only gyms
It's around that time of year again where people are frantically joining gyms to keep up with their New Year's resolutions. Read more

An overuse of social media can lead to mental health problems and a lower quality of life
While social media is a good way to connect with friends and feel part of a community, it does have several negative effects in terms of mental health and the overall quality of life. Read more

Don't expect too much from your job
When it comes to looking for a job, well the first thing I would say is, God bless you! It's tough to go on a job hunt. Read more

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